Utility Surveying  

Utility Survey and Underground Mapping Services

Underground Utility Mapping

Our Underground Utility Mapping services provide accurate detection and mapping of subsurface utilities and features, including:

We utilize advanced technology and experienced surveyors to provide reliable and comprehensive results for infrastructure and construction projects.

GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) Survey

We offer GPR survey services for the identification and mapping of subsurface features, including utilities, concrete thickness, rebar, concrete structural analysis, and voids. Our experienced GPR operators and specialized equipment provide accurate and reliable results for our clients.

Electromagnetic Location (EML) Survey

We also use EML surveying methods to map sub-surface utilities. Our team uses the latest radio detection equipment to provide the most advanced and reliable picture of underground services possible.

Drainage System Mapping

In addition to utility mapping, we offer drainage system mapping to identify and map underground drainage systems. This service provides valuable information for infrastructure and construction projects, helping to prevent damage to underground systems.

Asphalt Thickness Mapping

Our specialized equipment allows us to accurately determine the layers of asphalt and establish bedrock depth, providing valuable information for construction and maintenance projects.

Digital Mapping and Reporting

Our surveys accurately locate and map their findings to a digital format for 2D or 3D drawing. The output provides the client with a comprehensive digital representation of the underground utilities in the specified area. We can tailor these results to requirements such as:

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