Geotechnical Engineering

Nusail Geotechnical’s engineers thrive on a mix of complex and varying projects, with involvement spanning concept design to detailed design and through to construction. With every proposed site and development, we strive to quickly develop an understand-ing of the behaviour of the underlying soils.
Complex projects require a broad range of geotechnical skills and innovative thinking. Nusail Geotechnical’s engineers aim to consistently develop technically sound designs that refelect a keen awarness of construction practicalities

Engineering Geology
Geological mapping and carefully scoped investigation are integral to developing a sound geological model: an essential precursor to evaluation of site development opportunites,geological hazard assessment,cut and fill slope and foundation design.nusail's mapping and investigation techniques to provide the information needed for project planning through to detailed design and construction. They have conceived innovative methodologies for the assessment of hazards and evaluation of risk, and continue to develop this expertise through international links.

Testing Laboratory

Nusail Gotechnical is supported by geotest and geotechnical laboratory staffed by skilled geology and engineering specialists offering a complete range of independent laboratory and field-testing services to a wide range of clients. the laboratory is fully equipped for soil, rock, aggregate and concrete testing, providing technical data and site support to assist designers and contractors.