About Nusail Surveys

NUSAIL ENGINEERING CONSULTANCY, established in the year 2005 in Sultanate of Omanprovides for outstanding consulting services 3DLaser Scaning Surveys,Aerial surveying and geo-mapping UAV(Drone),Topographic Surveys,Hydrographic Survey, lGeographic InformationSystems (GIS),Highway Engineering and Geo Technical, serving both domestic and international sectors. NUSAIL uses a novel approach in consulting services. Our goal is to meet the expectations of every client by rendering quality customer service, through reasonable cost, on time submission of projects and increased flexibility of services. The practical and technical expertise of our staff makes them unique, thereby promising that our clients receive the most proficient service.

Eng.Issa Al Barmani


Issa, completed degree in civil engineering at Sultan Qaboos University. He has acted as civil engineer and surveying engineer at sohar developemnt office and MOTC for ten years .He has been nvolved with a large number of projects over the past 15 years. Issa, provides the support and senior guidance to ensure the highest level of quality survey. issa@nusailec.com

Eng.Anandaraj Manjini

Managing Director

Anandaraj has Over Twenty five Years of prograssive Highway,Surveying,Mapping and Management Exprience. He successfully implements the company policy and maintains an effective Nusail team. He assumes full accountability for all company operations. His backcountry experience commingled with heavy construction and development enable us to address any need our clients may have. anand@nusailec.com

Eng.Sayeed Ahmed

Operations Director

Sayeed is a survey Engineer with twenty five years of progressive surveying experience. he is the Operations Director of Nusail Surveys. He has extensive knowledge of survey equipment, from simple autolevels to integrated GPS and 3D Scanning survey system. He is a drone specialist and is very proficient with drone and 3D Scan survey. He serves as the programmatic and leadership adviser to the Nusail team. He cultivates a positive working environment and also enables all the consumers to build a cordial relationship.sayeed@nusailec.com

Dr. G. Ponnusamy

Project Manager

Ponnusamy is the marine biologist and oceanographer with a field experience spanning more than 10 years. His academic expertise includes marine biological and oceanographic survey in assessing Bathymetry, waves, tides and current characteristics. IHe is well versed in handling many sophisticated marine survey and laboratory instruments. The professional approach in data gathering and scientific interpretation skill are wideely acclaimed and well received and has complete experience in designing and executing any marine related projects. info@nusailec.com

Marie Therese Sangy

Organizational Psychologist

M. T. Sangy is the Organizational Psychologist working for Nusail Engineering Consultancy from 2006. She has a Masters in Business Psychology and involves herself in evaluating the effectiveness of the workplace.She identifies the development needs of the company participates in recruitment of staff,assess the employee performance by counseling the workers egarding career related issues and solving work related disputes among employees. She facilitates for the organizational development and change.lee@nusailec.com