3D Laser Scanningis fast becoming the industry norm for precision surveying in high precision and high value technical environments. As one of the first companies to adopt Laser Scanning technology, we are one of the most experienced.
• Remotely capture data from potentially hazardous sites, e.g. motorways or structurally unsafe buildings
• Fast data capture; critical on sites with limited access
• Complete data collection enables further investigations to be carried out later on without
costly returns to the site
• Reduces the costs and downtime associated with construction rework, site revisits and
field changes
• Lower cost as-built and topographic survey method compared to alternatives
• Improved accuracy and precision reduces the risks associated with project execution
• Highly-detailed data improves decision-making and engineering designs
• Enables factory fabrication, as opposed to field fabrication
• Enables 3D Modelling and Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Laser Scanning Applications

• As-built Surveys
• Site/Engineering Surveys
• Topographic Surveys
• Architectural Restoration
• Forensics
• Heritage Site/Conservation Surveys
• Archaeology
• Deformation Analysis
• Pipeline Surveys
• Profiles and Volumes
• Construction Inspection
• Bridge, Overpass and Tower Surveys
• Any Potentially Hazardous Environments, e.g. structurally unsafe buildings , motorways
• Fabrication and Reverse Engineering
• Set Surveys for Movie/TV Visual Effects
• Volume-metric Surveys
• Event Pre-Planning

Laser Scanning Deliverables

• 2D plans & elevations
• User friendly panoramic images with measurements instantly available from each pixel
• Clearances
• Point to point and point to surface measurements
• Sections & Profiles
• Volume-metric reports
• Line of site and crime scene witness viewpoints & bullet trajectory analysis
• Detailed topographic maps
• Wireframe and surface models
• Links to asset information
• Fully textured models
• Fly-Through Videos
• Fully intelligent plant models
• Building Information Modelling (BIM